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Newfoundland Puppies!!

20200104_092015 (1).jpg

         Black                       Brown                                Grey                    Beige   

  I take $300 down to secure your place on our waiting list. The deposit is non refundable unless we cannot provide you with a puppy within 14 months. I accept deposits throughout the year, and the wait is usually from 2 to 12 months for a puppy.  You are welcome to call anytime to see what might be available.


Total Puppy Price:  $2000

View our Sale Contract Here :

What your new puppy comes with: 

AKC Limited Registration Form 

Signed Contract/Health Guarantee

Slip on Leash to help with the trip home 

Gallon of Kirkland Beef & Sweet Potato Premium Kibble

Physical exam by Clark Fork Veterinary


What you should have ready:

Your Nuvet Supplements from

A bag of Loyall Life or Fromm or Taste of the Wild or Kirkland

     Premium Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Food

Vet appointment to begin vaccinations

      (they do not need to begin vaccinations before 8 weeks/weaning)

Baby gates to reduce roaming area

Potty Pads (I like reusable bed pads from Amazon or Walmart)  

Raw bones from your local butcher shop

Fish Oil 

  • Pups are bred from generations of healthy stock 10-13 years average life span.

  • No shelter dogs!! The dog must be returned to us if he cannot be cared for. We will keep or rehome him.

  • Keep your dog lean, letting him eat too much and get fat is the worst thing you can do to his health, longevity and joints.

  • We feed premium large breed grain free food, raw meat, and the supplements listed in What You Should Have Ready.

  • A hair rake is my go to grooming tool to keep mats combed out, a good combing once a week keeps them looking good.

Here are some fun and informative reads, even if you are not going to feed raw or are not interested in carting, I still highly recommend those two books above all!
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