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     Hello,  and thank you for looking at our beautiful newfoundlands. ten years ago we decided to leave the mainstream, so we bought twenty acres of raw land off the grid in the Garnet Mountain Range northwest of Gold Creek, MT. So here we are trying to carve out a sustainable life style in kind of a modern day homesteader fashion.  Solar power provides us with all the electricity we need and a spring gravity feeds our cabin with water like none other to be found. We keep a jersey cow for dairy, heritage breed pastured pigs, chickens, ducks, horses for trail riding and last, but certainly not least, our most beloved Newfoundland dogs... but we really don't like to call them dogs, because that title does not do them justice.  They are our protectors, nannies, leftover disposals, stock keepers, security alarms, bed warmers, and most of all our best friends. The importance of all that, is that our Newfoundlands are with us constantly, we do not keep newfoundlands in kennels, they live free range and cage free with their humans, as they should. 

    We searched across the country for our first breeding stock newfoundlands to find excellent health, temperament and beauty in our newfies. We never line breed and strive to put out a better and purer newfoundland with each generation. We have three generations of newfoundlands on the farm now and strive to keep the best in the breeding program.

     We work from home at our farm duties and a small equipment operation and lumber milling service, so the pups have a social and loving start to life that takes place mostly at our family's feet.  We feed premium food and some raw diet to give these large animals the best lifetime nutrition we can offer to them. We let our newfies lead an active lifestyle. They swim and play in our pond for the better part of their day and are always at our children's side. The newfies have the run of most of the 20 acres with about 6 acres of fenced yard around the house. Our newfoundlands want and need to be with their family and do not deserve to live a caged life. They know who their family is and take care of us very well, and we try to do the same for them.


We also offer pea/hay/forage fed hogs for sale, live or hanging, $450 large carcass 

Red Wattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Large Black crosses

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