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     Hello,  and thank you for looking at our beautiful newfoundlands which are raised roaming our off grid farm in the Garnet Mountain Range northwest of Gold Creek, MT. Pups are raised indoor/outdoor with lots of things to explore, experience and play with, and they are very social and loving. The Newfoundlands are with us constantly, we do not keep newfoundlands in kennels, they live free range and cage free with their humans, as they should. 

    All breeding stock is health tested and bred for confirmation and excellent loving newf temperaments.

   We feed premium food and some raw diet to give these large animals the best lifetime nutrition we can offer to them. We let our newfies lead an active lifestyle. They swim and play in our pond for the better part of their day and are always at our children's side. The newfies have the run of most of the 20 acres with about 6 acres of fenced yard around the house. Our newfoundlands want and need to be with their family and do not deserve to live a caged life. They know who their family is and take care of us very well, and we try to do the same for them.


We also offer pea/hay/forage fed hogs for sale, live or hanging, $450 large carcass 

Red Wattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Large Black crosses

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